"My work is simply a visual explosion of the mind, an interaction of ideas in space and time." Houria


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Duet: Houria Niati, Vocal and Miguel Moreno, Spanish Guitar

In 2003, I invited Miguel Moreno, guitarist from Seville to join me in a duet. We were so happy with the outcome that we formed 'Habiboun' to perform the 9th Century Arab-Andalusian songs I had learnt in my native Algeria.
I had always wanted to somehow fuse Flamenco with traditional Arab music and we found that the harmonies worked remarkably well. The passionate hot sounds of Spanish guitar fused perfectly with the mysterious, romantic and highly poetic Arabic lyrics, making 'Habiboun' the perfect fusion of Arab and Spanish melodies. This innovative "genre" involves only vocals accompanied by flamenco guitar creating this magical blend of styles we hope you will enjoy... Houria Niati 2010
The CD contains 10 songs, recorded at Mystic Music Studios / London / 2006-2009. More informations : Habiboun website

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The 12 PostCards Set : Houria's paintings postcards.

Post cards from Houria Niati's paintings

Each beautiful pack contains 12 greeting cards (17,5cm x12cm) and 12 envelops.
The cards are a lovely gift for family members and friends for any occasion.
They are blank inside, giving you the chance to write your own personal message.
The designs are high quality printed original paintings and pastels created by Houria Niati between1982 and 1993 in London.

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From her Pressbook :

"Houria Niati often employs vivid raw colours painted directly over her canvasses without sketching. A daring artist by nature she works spontaneously... She normally paints in layers starting with bright colours first followed by darker ones...Then scratch the darker ones to make the brighter appairing again..The trade mark of Niati's style."
Salah Hassan- Journal of contemporary African Art, New York 1995.

"Using oil and pastels, she creates an explosion of shifting colour with a sense of optimism...Her palette is sharp hot oranges and red throb beneath her relentless blues of desert skies...At times, the paint is thin dragged and scratched at others thick sweeping and gestual..."
Sue Hubbard-Time Out, London 1990

"Houria Niati is an intriguing artist. Her work expresses a commitment to creativity which has little fear of exploration and exudes a freshness which lingers in the mind...Walking past her drawings in oil pastels is like embarking on an excursion of the subconscious suggestively laden with many messages and metaphors..."
Kwesi Owusu-Artrage, London 1984

Houria NIATI

Houria Niati is an Algerian/British Artist trained in Community Arts in Algeria. She settled in London in 1977 where she studied Fine Art at Croydon College of Art. She completed an MA in Fine Art at Middlessex University London in 2007. Niati has exhibited widely including the United States since 1983. Please visit www.hourianiati.com for more information.

Haunted...Selfportrait with a difference

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Prayers from Houria NIATI Petra from Houria NIATI Mosaica from Houria NIATI Haunted 2007-09 from Houria NIATI Dunissimo 3 from Houria NIATI Dis-connected from Houria NIATI Agony and ectasy from Houria NIATI

Printed giclee on canvas - Date: 2007 (on going project)

Prices: 45cmx75cm......................£770.00

Limited edition, signed and numbered from 1 to 100.

Prayers from Houria NIATI
Petra from Houria NIATI
Mosaica from Houria NIATI
Haunted 2007-09 from Houria NIATI
Haunted 2007-09
Dunissimo 3 from Houria NIATI
Dunissimo 3
Dis-connected from Houria NIATI
Agony and ectasy from Houria NIATI
Agony and ectasy